Meet Deb, our full time groomer at Ames Pet Hospital. Pet grooming is an essential service for your pet, especially those with long orheavy coats.

Deb gives Impurrius a lion cut

Deb has many years of experience. She is committed to making your dog or cat's groom as comfortable and stress free as possible. Deb attends yearly continuing education classes to keep up with the latest techniques and products. Grooming appointments tend to fill up fast, so please call well in advance to schedule.

Charley - Before

Charley - After

Say Goodbye to Matted Fur and Tangles

Dogs need brushing, bathing, and nail care on a regular basis. Our professional dog grooming includes a variety of specialized services that are designed to keep your pet happy and healthy. At Ames Pet Hospital our standard groom includes bathing with top of the line shampoos and conditioners, blow dry, comb out, trimming of the fur, nail trim, expressing anal glands, and cleaning the ears.

Gus - Before

Gus - After

How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

How frequently your pet needs our dog grooming service depends on the length of the fur, activity level, and your pet's lifestyle. A puppy's first groom should be between 12-16 weeks of age. At this age, the puppy is more accepting of new experiences such as the sound of clippers and the scissors. While a professional dog grooming session is not necessary every day, sometimes a brushing at home can be. Longer-haired breeds definitely need brushing at least once a week, if not daily, to prevent snarling and matting. Most breeds who are professionally groomed on a regular basis are done so every 6- 8 weeks.

When the weather is warm, we recommend that dogs get one of our professional haircuts that leave a dog lighter and cooler. We can also provide specialized shampoo baths to address concerns like fleas, allergies, or skin conditions. We encourage pet owners to discuss any issues that their pet is experiencing with our groomer so they can customize the dog grooming process.

Shiloh - Before

Shiloh - After

More Benefits of Grooming

Nail clipping is essential to keep the length of a dog's nails in check. If nails grow too long they can make it difficult for the dog to walk or lead to lameness issues. Many pet owners are hesitant to clip their pet's nails because they do not want to make them bleed by trimming them too short. Our facility offers nail trimming from one of our experienced team members to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Grooming keeps your dog neat, trim and clean but it also provides an instant way to spot check a dog for some health issues, especially conditions that affect the fur, teeth, nails , ears, and skin.

Gemma - Before

Gemma - After

Cat Grooming

Ames Pet Hospital offers grooming for cats. Many cats, especially long haired ones, are reluctant to be brushed by their owners and may eventually get mats. Mats can be a health issue for your cat besides being painful and unsightly. Most cats can be groomed with out sedation but some do need it for their own well-being and the safety of our groomer. If your cat needs to be sedated for the groom, it is with your permission first. Your cat will be monitored the entire time he or she is being groomed while under sedation by a qualified technician and doctor.

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