Policies And Agreements

Policies and Agreement:

At the time of drop off, there is a boarding agreement that needs to be gone over and signed off on by the pet’s owner. Please contact staff members ahead of time if you would like someone else to drop off your pet. Please allow time for check in, we want to be as thorough as possible to make sure your pet gets the best care while staying with us.

We ensure the highest quality of care for all of our boarding patients. For your pet’s safety we do require that you sign a release stating we may provide any necessary veterinary care. Veterinary care may include but does not limit us to, treating fleas, treating and isolating a cough, treating vomiting, providing necessary medications, treating diarrhea, etc. We also may change your pet’s diet to a gastrointestinal friendly diet if GI issues arise while your pet is boarding with us along with prescribing any supplements or medications the doctor recommends. We will attempt to contact you before any necessary veterinary charges are incurred, but your pet’s health will be the primary concern. This is to prevent further, more serious health concerns from occurring.

We are not liable for any lost, ingested, or ruined personal belongings. We take reasonable precaution to prevent injury, escape, or death of your pet but Ames Pet Hospital is not liable for problems that develop provided reasonable care and precautions are followed. 

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