Add-On Services

Canned food:

For the price of the can, we can mix in some canned food of your choosing.

Tender loving care (TLC): 

This is 15 minutes of one on one time between your pet and an animal caretaker. During this time your pet may experience an extra long walk, playtime, or just some extra love and individual attention to keep them from getting home sick! - $6 per day (does not have to be done daily)

Enrichment and Anxiety Relief Package:

This package will be tailored to your pet specifically. If you believe your pet is extra lonely or anxious when at a boarding facility we will have a veterinarian come up with a plan to keep them as relaxed and as comfortable as we can while staying with us. This package includes a variety of options that we may select for your pet including; stuffed chew toys with stress relief food frozen inside, stress relief diets and canned food that helps with separation anxiety and gastrointestinal stress, pheromone sprays to help ease tension and encourage feelings of relaxation, anxiety supplements, relaxation music, peek-a-boo-hideaway boxes for cats, and individual attention all to help ease the stress of boarding. -$9 per day

With TLC or an enrichment package, we will send home a report card that is filled out by an animal caretaker that personally worked with your pet, this way you know what was done and how comfortable your pet was while staying with us.

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