Cy's Retirement

Cy Retired!

Cy was adopted by us 12 years ago from a local shelter that had a surplus of kittens at the time. Since then he has lived at Ames Pet Hospital as a friendly and happy clinic cat. Recently, a family friend and former co-worker approached us with the idea of adopting Cy. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I thought ‘why not?’ After working here, he should know all about Cy’s little “quirks”, so our friend, Calvin, took Cy home in early September for a trial run. We recently stopped by and visited Cy at his new home and we were very pleased…

Cy greeted us at the door and then proceeded to show us his new home. One of Cy’s favorite spots is the patio door where he can bask in the sun and look out into the field. Another favorite spot of his is sitting on his new owner’s lap while in a recliner in front of the TV, undoubtedly watching the Cyclones. Cy also loves his new big bed and will let his owner, Calvin, sleep and cuddle with him. But most of all, Cy has become a great study partner and helps Calvin with all of his homework…by lying on his books, laptop and papers, etc.

We asked Calvin what his favorite thing about Cy was and he replied, “Cy is really friendly, all of my friends like him and they all have offered to pet-sit for me.” Even the cable guy left behind his business card after fixing the cable with “Nice Cat!!” written on the bottom. Everybody loves Cy!

Congratulations Cy and Calvin!!

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